Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Hey mom! Do you know when Santa's birthday is?"  "Ummm, well son, I'm not sure.  Maybe we can google it and find out.  Why do you need to know?"  "Well, I was just thinking about the gifts he brought me on Jesus' birthday and I wanted to thank him and wish him a Happy Birthday too!"

Friday, December 30, 2011

"With heals on, I weight almost 85 pounds!"  What heals, son?  My boots!  DUH!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reading bumper stick...."Mama, Am I too blessed to be stressed?"

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Mama, Can I try out this new 'raslin move on you that I just learned?"
My favorite thing at school is eating lunch and going home.
When I get big, I'm gonna be a lawyer!  They make lots of money and if I'm a lawyer I can buy me a Nintendo DS and games any time I want!
Making bubbles in the bathtub is more fun than washing off!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hey Mom!  Guess what?  I have a new best friend!  Really?  Yes, he's a new kid at school and he's in my class. Why is he your new best friend?  Cause he's bigger than me!!
"Mom have you been shopping for me a college, cause I think I'm ready to go." -- 6 yrs old
"Hey mom, guess what!!  This kid in my afterschool class, his mom is 99 yrs old.  Her birthday is in October like mine and she'll be 100!!  Can you believe that!  I thought she would be like 13 or 23!"  -- 6 yrs old
Looking at my sons yearbook tonight with him.  He was introducing each teacher to me and said this teacher thinks she's sooooo pretty.  "Why do you say that?  I asked.  "Cause she makes us call her Ms. Pretty!...Below her picture...Her name is Ms. Priddy!

Monday, December 26, 2011

July 2011 - Beach Vacation

"Daddy, look at all the honeys!"

Welcome to the Sunshine state (sign) - "What's the matter with them, don't they like rain?"

Did you remember to bring my man soap?

Whew!  My freckles are growing out everywhere.

These sunglasses make me look hot!

I wish we had brought a ladder with us, then I could climb up that palm tree and cut down a leaf and fan you with it.

If you get a caterpillar tattoo when your young, when you get older, will it turn into a butterfly?

I've burped 18 times today and tooted 23 times.

Waking up one morning, "Whoa mama, you hair is a mess!  It looks like a jungle up in there!"

That bicycle looks like it has a comfortable butt seat.  I bet my daddy could even ride it.

After eating out for a week enjoying all the seafood, when we started home, we stopped at a gas station and let the kids pick out some snack food because we weren't planning many stops.  I overheard them discussing their choices (skittles, chips, blow pops, cookies) and then my daughter said "Man, I just love gas station food!"
I bet Santa gets tired of milk and cookies.  Can we leave him some pork rines and coke?  I bet he would like that!
Did they have boiled eggs when you were a kid?
That is just TIM - He was trying to say "too much info"

TN vs. Vandy game (1st time we had taken the kids to a game)

Walking up to our seats...This is like going to infinity and beyond!!!

Looking at all the people - "Mama, I bet there are at least 300 people here."

After the game...walking to our car..."Mama, there are so many people here, I bet this is like New York City."
During Christmas church program practice - This girl can't be in the program any more...why not?  She's sick...she has something called the nutcracker...The girl wasn't sick.  She had to quit the play because she was selected to be in the Christmas ballet called "The Nutcracker!"
This kid in my class says three like twee.  I think he's trying to talk in French.
I love my new pants with my initial on the back pockets.  He was wearing "Wranglers"!
Oct 2011 - Halloween - dressing up 8 yr old as a ghost...Man, I hope I don't scare all the little kids!
Man!  You can't hear!  I think you need an "ear job"!
My daughter had hiccups really bad...sons says why don't you just eat some peanut butter?  Why would I do that?  Well, mama eats peanut butter all the time and she never has the hiccups.
When I grow up I'm going to be a policeman cause I like to chase people and shoot guns.
Picking up sister at airport...Hey mom!  Is that man the pilot and the other one the auto pilot?
When you were little like me, did y'all have cars or did you have to ride a buggy to school?
Son:  When you get baptized, what kind of water do they use? 
Mom:  What do you mean?
Son:  You know, mom, is it salt water, clorine, or just faucet water?