Thursday, October 24, 2013


"If we use the excuse that our dog ate our homework, our teacher won't believe us, but, if we say we were at the hospital all night, she will."....said with a sneaky giggle...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Book Fair

Today was the book fair at my sons school..

"Mom, I need about $50 today!"
"What for?"
"Today's the book fair and I want to get a book and a poster."
"If it cost that much, I don't think you need it."
"Well, can I have $30?"
"No, I'm not going to send you to school with that much money!"
"I can't believe you won't pay for me to read good books!"

Monday, October 21, 2013

Parent/Teacher Conference

Tomorrow is parent/teacher conference at my sons school. 

Before I put him to bed, I asked, "Son, is there anything you need to tell me before I see your teachers tomorrow? "
"Well, I did loose a ticket (form of discipline) today but you already know about that..."
"Ok, so I shouldn't have any surprises, right?!"
"Well, I did get in trouble in class today."
"Son...what did you do?"
"I was singing..."
"Son, you know better!  What were you singing in class?"
"I was singing 'I'm sexy and I know it'!"

This momma is dreading parent/teacher...his dad said thank goodness he wasn't singing "I like big butts!" 


"Mom, I don't know why you and daddy work....why don't  you just retire like my nanna and papaw (grandparents) never go to work but you always have money and can do whatever you want to whenever you want to....yeah, I think that's what I'm gonna do when I graduate....I'm going to retire!"