Saturday, July 20, 2013

Church camp

My son attended church camp this week.  His best friend went with him.  Neither child had EVER been away from their parents for that long so it was definitely going to be something new for him (and his parents).  Before going to church camp, he thought church camp was friends from church who would be camping out and fishing, hiking, and campfires....boy,  were his eyes opened!

When he found out there was worship time, he wasn't too excited...but, AFTER worship service, he said "That was AWESOME!"  His best friend said, "It REALLY was!"  When he came home from camp, he said, "Mom, worship was soooo cool!  It was like a kid church!  When the man preached, he explained everything so all of us kids could understand!   I didn't get bored and we learned a lot of new songs and I looked forward to it everyday! Oh, and 3 kids were SAVED!

Although there was worship time, there was also fun time!  (It was described as wild, fun, exciting, and awesome!)

When they got to camp, they picked out their bunk beds and I believe their suitcases exploded!

At dinner time, the counselor told them to behave and to remember their manners.  My son told her, " I have manners but I don't always use them."

This is one lunch... They called it flamingo lunch!

Here they are riding a roller coaster.

Here they are rock climbing!

Here they are riding church bus to get ice cream and a pic of them eating ice cream.

"The lake games were the best!"

Last day...going home...

Made it home with 2 out of the 3 towels I sent... PLUS a STICK in the suitcase.

Boys can't wait to go back next year to Zip Line and play Bazooka Ball.

Both boys are home safe and sound asleep before 6:00 pm.

If your church is looking for a camp for your children's ministry, contact
It was a blessing for everyone!

Holiday World, Santa Claus, IN

This year our family went to Holiday World, Santa Claus, IN.  It's a great family mini-vacation.  There were "dry" rides and "water" rides.  My kids favorites were the water park rides!

How do you like my red-neck sunscreen?

Lines were long for each ride..."Mom, I wish I could "poof" us to the front of the line!"

Our family seemed to be in the minority because we had no tattoos or piercings...."Mom, do you have to have a tattoo to live in this town?"  

Husband said, "Whoever the tattoo artist is in this town must be a rich man!  I just saw a pregnant woman in a bikini with a tattoo that appeared to be an eagle design across her belly!

"Mom, I like those ear rings in women's belly button!...You're not going to get one are you?"

"Love the ice cream!"

Our Favorite Roller Coaster!

Bye-Bye Santa Claus!