Saturday, July 20, 2013

Holiday World, Santa Claus, IN

This year our family went to Holiday World, Santa Claus, IN.  It's a great family mini-vacation.  There were "dry" rides and "water" rides.  My kids favorites were the water park rides!

How do you like my red-neck sunscreen?

Lines were long for each ride..."Mom, I wish I could "poof" us to the front of the line!"

Our family seemed to be in the minority because we had no tattoos or piercings...."Mom, do you have to have a tattoo to live in this town?"  

Husband said, "Whoever the tattoo artist is in this town must be a rich man!  I just saw a pregnant woman in a bikini with a tattoo that appeared to be an eagle design across her belly!

"Mom, I like those ear rings in women's belly button!...You're not going to get one are you?"

"Love the ice cream!"

Our Favorite Roller Coaster!

Bye-Bye Santa Claus!

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