Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dinner at Chinese Restaurant

Our kids have always said they didn't like Chinese food although they've never tasted it.  They had just declared it to be nasty!!  Last night we decided to go and take our son but we never called it a Chinese restaurant.  We just called it "The Buffet Pan" and explained that you could eat anything from chicken, pork, etc. and after eating they even have a dessert bar and you can have ice cream.
Some of my favorite quotes from the evening::

  • These waitresses in here don't understand me...I don't think they are from around here!
  • Daddy what is that in your plate, a dead mouse!??  (It was craw fish and that's him eating one in the picture!!)
  • Fortune cookie said "You will soon discover how truly fortunate you really are".  He said, "Well DUH, all you have to do is just look across the table at me!"
  • Leaving the restaurant:  "We need to come here more often!  There chicken wings are better than daddy's!"

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