Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chesnut Bay Resort

The past few days have been spent with family at Chesnut Bay Resort, Leesburg, AL.   We had a wonderful time with family.  ***Note, not all comments below are from my kids but I thought they were all worth sharing! 

I asked my son to start packing for the trip....when I checked his bags, he packed everything that was important to him...swimming toys, swimming suit, flip flops, Mac 'n cheese, Spaghetti O's, and apple sauce.

Fixing sandwiches for lunch one afternoon...the bread was a different type of bread that we had not bought before...."Humm, will you just look at this bread...must be some type of Alabama bread!"

Late in the evening...driving over the river..."Look how calm the water is...they must not ride jet skis out there very much!

At the pool one day...a very large woman was openly nursing her child...that night after dinner we were talking about her and didn't think the kids were paying attention to us...they were..."Did you say there was a nurse at the pool?  I didn't see one!"

"I'm thankful for clean potties when we've had to stop for pee breaks."

"I got so blistered my nose is crinkly!"

"That kid is flip-flop retarted!"  Translation - some kids just can't walk in flip flops.

Driving by a Big K-mart..."Look!  That reminds me of when Madea went off on that lady in the K-mart parking lot!"

The view from our house was breath taking..."Look at all that water, I think that's bigger than Pickwick Dam!"

Arriving home..."Son, go unpack your suit case.  Oh mom, it'll be fine.  I think I'll just leave everything in there until we leave for the beach.  Son, you have a long time before we go to the beach...you can go ahead and unpack." 

If you have the time to spend time with family, even if just for a weekend, TREASURE every moment!

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