Sunday, August 4, 2013

Chesnut Bay Resort - 2013 vacation

Our family took our annual vacation to Chesnut Bay Resort this year.   We swam, kayaked, karaoked, danced,  played on play ground, played pool volleyball, went  to out door amphitheater and watched finding Nemo, cooked s'mores, went down 100 ft water slide, rode paddle boats and golf carts, got tattoos, played sand art!  Whew, it was fun!

"Mom, look at that new golf cart...looks like a Limo golf cart!"

"Are y'all going cow yaking?".....translation - "are you going kayaking?"

"Do I have to be 21 to eat this rum cake?"

"I'm too tired to eat these junior mints...just put me to bed!"

"Can I be her boss since her parents aren't here?"....cousins parents could not be there until last day and her wanted to be able to boss his cousin around

"We better get in all the fun we can today cause we have to leave tomorrow"

"I just want to grow old and fat and be able to eat potato chips everyday"...translation...vacation junk food is the best

One night we went to a street dance party...DJ played YMCA so grandmother danced with grand kids..."I think my nana was "m-ing" when she should have been "y-ing"

Grandfather was talking to grand son and asked if he had ever milked a cow...grandson said, "I sure have, you just grab those pink things and pull,"

Wearing swimming goggles...."you like my red hair and green eyes?"

Check out the video...he won best 9 yr old cha cha...

They had an o'rageous time!

A good time was had by all!