Wednesday, February 8, 2012

John Cena & Fruity Pebbles

Sons aunt calls to tell us Fruity Pebbles is offering a chance to win tickets to see John Cena (my sons favorite wrestler).  He was soooo excited!!!
He's never eaten Fruity Pebbles but was willing to try them because he wanted to win.  After eating his first bowl, we decided to check our code to see if we were Wrestlemania winners.  Unfortunately, he didn't win.

He's not a happy fellow tonight.  He thinks Fruity Pebbles is a rip off and he will NEVER EVER eat them again because they are really NASTY,  but says John Cena is still the best!


  1. Well shoot...we haven't checked our code but send Jake the Fruity Pebbles...he's LOVIN them! Lol I soooooooo love reading your blog!

    1. I'll get them to you as he's now declared them to be NASTY! Lol!

      Thanks, I'm glad your enjoying!