Monday, July 9, 2012

Perdido Key Beach Vacation

We had an 8 hr drive to the beach...."Man, it feels like we're going to NY!!  Why is that?  Cause I think we've been gone forever!"...we'd been gone about 3 hrs.

"I wish we lived in a house build on stilts!"

""Boy I sure have missed all this sand!"

"Are those chop sticks through those shrimp?

"Do all palm trees have coconuts on them?  Man! I want to drink milk from one!"

Seeing his bed for the first time...."Bunk Beds!!!  How Cool!  I've never slept on a bunk bed before!"

"Y'all have a 'sink-y' bed!"  ---Translation, matress was not very firm

Looking at a woman laying out on the beach...."Look at that womans hair!  She looks like Cindy Loo Hoo!"

"I'm scared of heights so I know I can't parasail with you mom.  But, I wish I could get on one of those big birds back and fly over the ocean!"

Riding waves on boogie board...strattles it like a bull, with one hand in the air, and yelling "Yeeeee Haaawww!"

"I really don't like wearing sun SCREAM!"

"Salt water pools taste different than salt water oceans!"

"Can we please just go to the 'normal' people mall?"

"That's a funny looking duck over there!  That's not a's a crane!"

A man had walked out in the ocean to fish...Clay swam out to him and talked to him...I asked him what they were talking about...he said he asked the fisherman if he wanted him to catch some fish for him.  The fisherman asked how he could do that.  He explained that he could see fish swimming all around the fisherman when he looked through his goggles.  He thought he might have better luck with the goggles and a net than the fishing pole!   

We had a fun and relaxing vacation! 

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