Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas - Day 14 - Santa's Workshop

My sons teacher at school is a strict disciplinarian...each week the kids are given "3 scoops" (ice cream)...The goal is to still have all your scoops by the end of the week.  If you misbehave, she will remove a scoop.  This means you don't get any ice cream on Friday if you loose all 3 scoops that week.  This week, of course, is the week before Christmas.  My child is WILD WITH EXCITEMENT...This week, by Wednesday, he had lost all his scoops....Also, this week the school has "Santa's Workshop" where the kids can go and shop for their family.  I had sent money with him on Wednesday to school and he picked gifts for me, his dad, his sister and his grandparents.  He was soooo proud of everything...As I said earlier, he lost all his scoops by Wednesday and we have a rule at our house that if he looses all 3 scoops at school, when he gets home, he gets 3 licks with a paddle...He knows the rules...As his dad prepared to spank him, he said, "But daddy...I bought you a gift today!"

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  1. Goodness! Poor kid ...David shoulda cut him a break!!!