Saturday, October 20, 2012

Company Picnic

Today was my company picnic.  It's at a local "family friendly" business.  The kids can ride go carts, bumper cars, bowling, skating, laser tag, mini golf, and play video games.  It's always alot of fun for everyone!  At the end of the day, they draw for door prizes.  My son does not want to "sit around" for an hour to see if we'll win anything so this year I allowed him to go in and play video games WITHOUT me around.  My company had given each employee tokens to play video games so he had plenty of tokens...BIG MISTAKE....I was not aware that he had taken his wallet with him...After the drawing was over I went in and found him putting tokens into a game...he had WAY more "tickets" from the video games than my tokens would allow...
I asked, "where did you get all these tokens?".. 
He said, "Oh mom, when you put twenty into that machine over there, it gives you a bunch of tokens!  Just look at all I've got!!
I said, "When you put twenty what?  What have you done?" 
"Mom, I have my money!  I put a $20 into that machine and it gave me a bunch of tokens!  When you put a $5 in, it only gives you about 10 tokens but when you put in $20 you can just play and play! (said VERY PROUDLY with a big happy grin)

We are now the proud owners of a whoopie cushion, a squishy ball, and a rotating Disco ball.  He thought for $30, he got a great deal!

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