Saturday, October 13, 2012

Disney Vacation - Part 1

Airplane Ride...

"What if it rains when we're in the plane....(thinks to himself for a moment)...well I guess we'll just be high in dry!"

"Son, are you excited about your first plane ride?"  With a big 'ole grin...YES!!

"What are clouds made of?  Some look like cotton and sometimes is looks like snow. "
"If we jumped out of this plane could we jump on the clouds?"

"Look at that (on the plane) looks like a tube of lipstick!"

"When we're this high all the houses look alike....nobody's house looks bigger than their neighbors..."
Son was somewhat nervous about plane ride.  One our way to Orlando, we sat by a TNA wrestler.  He was a super nice guy and once he realized that my son was a huge wrestling fan invited us to Universal Studios for one of the tapings during our stay.  Talking about "making dreams come true" for one 9 yr old fellow....all smiles...
Meeting Characters
Goofy - "Is that really your first name?"
Tiger - He was soooo excited and nervous about meeting Tiger...when Tiger walked over, Clay got up to have his pic taken with him...when he stood up, he knocked over his drink and food and water went everywhere....No one seemed to care...we took pic and moved on...
Cinderella - "I hope she makes it home by mid-night!"
Minnie Mouse - "She sure does have some big feet!"

Pop Century Resort

"Mom, look at these little garbage cans they put in our room!"

"I just want to ride the elevators so I can push the buttons!"
"I wish I had a chair like this in my room at home!"

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  1. So fun! Btw...those are some handy little trash cans! :)