Sunday, October 14, 2012

Disney Vacation - Part 2

Part 2 of our vacation

Walking through Magic Kingdom, we saw a woman in a black/white pin-stripped dress, with 4-inch spike heals and several bracelets on her wrist....son says, "Mom, I don't think that woman has ever been to an amusement park before!"

We were about to ride Aerosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster and son was reading the warning signs.  He read..."Women should not ride" and got upset because he thought I would not be able to ride with him....he missed the first word in the warning..."Expectant"

After riding Aerosmith's Rockin'Roller Coaster..."Mom, I don't think I'll ever be the same!"

After riding Aerosmith's Rockin Roller Coaster for the 3rd time..."Man, I never want to leave this place!"

After riding Tower of Terror..."Whew!  I think I'm awake now!"

At Fantasmic, they were selling "mohawk light-up hair"...."Mom, can I get a light-up hair cut?"

My son participated in a show we attended where, Crush, the turtle from Nemo, talked to all the kids.  After the show, son says "Can you believe no one asked for my autograph after my performance?"

"If anybody pooted in here, nobody would know who did it."

Going through the haunted mansion..."Is that real dust or fake dust?"

As we enter Animal Kingdom..."I bet we have a wild time here!"

One of the games Disney likes for kids to do is to find "Mickey ears" through out the park....son thought that was boring...He enjoyed looking for speakers that they hid in the flowers through out the parks.

"I thought Disney was a kid place...can you believe they sell Bud Light in here!"

Going through a vegetation exhibit at Epcot...they explained how they grow plants in sand and/or water...."My dad should try that...he grows everything in dirt!"

"Mom, what country is Disney in? 
"Son, It's in the United States."
"No for real...what country is Disney in?
"I told you the US!"
"Well ok but nobody here speaks English!"

"I didn't know so many countries could be in one place!"
     Translation - Disney is very diverse and people from all over the country come to visit.

"These people say words that are not even words."
     Translation - I can't understand what anyone is saying.

By the end of the week, we met a family from our home state of TN.
     "Mom, they are some country people!"

By the end of the week, he wanted to talk "jibberish" and wanted me to guess what language he was speaking.   (No disrespect was meant....he was just fascinated by the sounds/words he had heard all week.)

At our resort, we saw a couple of midgets.  He said, "Did you know that midgets were really adults that are just short  people?  (He wanted to make sure I was in the know.)

While at Animal Kingdon, we went to "Africa" and watched men play drums and dance. 
      He said, "I think I might be a dancer when I grow up...I got the groove and the moves!"
      "Mom, I've never seen anyone that OLD dance like that!  He's really good!"

Going on a safari at Animal Kingdom he says, "I think that elephant is real cause it kept blinking its eyes but the snakes were fake cause I could tell they were plastic."

Going through Haunted House at Magic Kingdom he says, "Is that fake dust or real dust?"
When we rode the Tower of Terror at Universal Studios, Santa rode with us.  We think he was the "real" Santa but he had lost alot of weight so we're not sure.

After 12 hours at Magic Kingdom..."Mom, I think I'm too tired to swim tonight!"

Watching the monkey's at Animal Kingdom...."I wish I was a monkey!  All they have to do is play or sleep!

By Friday he said...."Will you PLEASE rent a stroller for me!  I'm soooo tired of walking!"

Arriving at airport on Saturday morning to go home:  "Mom, can we fastpass through security?"

"I sure have had fun this week.  I wish Disney was closer to our house so we could go any time we wanted to."

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  1. Oh my...I just laughed so hard I snorted! That's some good stuff! I love that kid...can you imagine how boring we'd be without him??!!